We shape, We
build, We conquer

The Society of Sustainable Community Innovations (SOSCI) is committed to building a generation where all women and the youth are fully equipped, safe, and valued in the community.


Who We Are

The Society was founded by the President, the volunteering members of the community and the leaders of the organisation of Society of Sustainable Community Innovations in 2021.

The President after engaging into different selfless initiatives to help those women and young girls in health related matters, as well as financial problems she saw it noble to carry on the good deed on a national scale. Thus having identified a few individuals who shared in the same vision was then Society of Sustainable Community Innovations (SOSCI) given birth to.

The society rests its powers on the committee which consists of the President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer and Additional Committee members. All of whom are eager to empower women.

What We Do


— We Equip

We equip the youth with basic skills for independence to promote entrepreneurship through social-economic projects.


— We Build Networks

We give back to the community and setting up social hubs


— We Strengthen

We promote women integrity and good healthcare awareness across all communities


— We Educate

We promote quality education and break the glass ceiling in education.


— We Provide Care

To build Girl Child Confidence and Self Love.


— We Support

We support or sponsor local talent shows and initiatives to do with gender equality

Want to partner or volunteer?

Be a part of an organisation that cares about the youth and the girl child in Botswana.

Mark Fosters