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We Shape, We Build, We Conquer

Botswana is an African country which has had a significant growth and development since it attained its independence. However, although there are various initiatives by the government to combat issues to do with human rights, women empowerment as well as youth development a significant gap still exists that need attention.

The Botswana Poverty Assessment shows that there was a decline in poverty but not very helpful when it came to the youth as well as the marginalised women. It is then SOSCI’s vision to join in the fight against women marginalisation and treatment as third class citizens and instil self love for themselves. In addition to that, it is again SOSCI’s vision to see that the youths achieve their dreams and the girl child empowered and given due recognition.

Our Approach

The Society of Sustainable Community Innovations, is committed to excellence in all aspects. We will maintain an organisation that recognised as one of the best non-profit organisations to work with in Botswana.

In addition to that, we are committed to the personal and development of the women and youth in the entire nation. We will develop a dedicated cadre of volunteers who support our vision, mission, and programs. Moreover, we will encourage diversity and provide an atmosphere that is safe, healthy, and conscious of community interests.


— Our Mission

To empower and give voice to the girl child and those socially shunned and uplift the youth to their potential status


— Our Vision

To eradicate all traces of women marginalization and youth poverty by the year 2030.

Our History

Society Of Sustainable Community Innovations (SOSCI), is a non profit making organisation based in Botswana, in the  sub-Saharan region of Africa. It was registered under the Societies Act of Botswana in January 2022, however, its community support engagements around Botswana areas such as Letlhakane and some parts of Francistown can be traced back to 2020.

Our approach is driven by the interest to influence a better future for the women and youth of Botswana through providing them with a platform to have their voices heard, gain relevant support livelihoods, build their confidence, promote good health, getting recognition, and help ensure financial stability.

SOSCI has always been driven by the goal to address the plight of women and youth across the broader Botswana community, and has since been involved in setting up unofficial forums and discussions against gender based violence, school dropout problems, health and hygiene issues, and promoting empowerment initiatives.

To achieve all these interests we always seek to partner with different stakeholders within the local and global community to support initiatives towards self sustainability and talent development as a way to curb the critical marginalisation of women and youth.


We could not do the work we do without the generous and tireless support of volunteers. If you are interested in making an impact in the women and the youth of Botswana, this is the place to be.

We provide meaningful work for our volunteers that contribute directly to supporting our mission. We offer both long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities assisting our education, operations, development, communications and marketing teams.

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The leadership team at SOSCI inspires enthusiasm in their teams and are energetic in motivating engagement with the society’s mission and vision.

Read about the President and leader below.

Meet the President

Christine Tagwira is the Founder and President of the Society of Sustainable Community Innovations (SOSCI) in Botswana. As an educator and human rights activist, she actively participates in women and youth development initiatives and programs.

She is motivated by a desire to advocate for the rights of the girl child as well as women’s growth and equality; thus, she is involved in programmes that promote women’s health by distributing menstrual pads and food hampers in rural schools and communities.

In addition, she organises and facilitates debates, talks, and workshops on women empowerment, protection of girl children, and unlocking youth’s potential. Christine’s vision and hope are to build training centres for enhancing innovative skills among women and youth to be self-sustainable in wealth creation and facilitating development across their communities in Botswana and the rest of Southern Africa.  



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